SACE Statement of Approval of Duke Clean Energy Connection Shared Solar Program

January 5, 2021
Contact: Amy Rawe, SACE, 865-235-1448, [email protected]

Tallahassee, Florida – Recognizing Duke Energy Florida, LLC’s solar energy commitment, the Florida Public Service Commission today approved a stipulated agreement on DEF’s Clean Energy Connection program. Signatories to the Stipulation are Duke Energy Florida, Vote Solar, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, and Walmart, Inc. Read the Florida Public Service Commission’s news release here: Florida PSC Approves Duke’s Clean Energy Connection Program.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy applauds the Florida Public Service Commission’s finding that the Clean Energy Connection program is in the public interest. The program is projected to provide an economic benefit of over $530 million for all Duke’s customers. It will additionally expand access to solar for local governments and businesses, schools, and families – including low-income customers. Moreover, the program’s 750 MW of clean, renewable solar power will provide cleaner air to local communities. Given Florida’s current regulatory structure, this innovative solar program is a pathway to a cleaner energy future.   

Of the 750 MW of solar power the Clean Energy Connection program will consist of, the low-income allocation of the program is 26 MW. That allocation is almost double the total size of the 17 MW Tampa Electric shared solar program. Innovation is required to realize the benefits of shared solar at the scale of Duke’s program. The Clean Energy Connection program provides a reasonable regulatory approach to meet the enormous demand for solar power in the Sunshine State while providing hundreds of millions of dollars of economic benefit to all of Duke’s customers.