SACE Statement on the Newly-Proposed Affordable Clean Energy Rule

Guest Blog | August 21, 2018 | Press Releases

The Trump Administration’s so-called Affordable Clean Energy rule is neither affordable, nor clean. Instead the Environmental Protection Agency’s new proposal to replace the Clean Power Plan seeks to reward well-connected coal executives by artificially propping up the dying coal industry, while emptying Americans’ wallets with higher electric bills, health care costs, and environmental harm.

Energy efficiency, solar, and wind are among the country’s cheapest sources of energy and based on a Southern Alliance for Clean Energy analysis of a recent Union of Concerned Scientists report, Southerners could save almost a hundred million dollars per year by retiring some of our region’s most inefficient coal plants and replacing them with new wind or solar generation instead.

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy has a long history of advocating for clean, affordable energy choices, such as wind and solar, while working to shut down the most expensive, polluting, and dangerous sources of dirty energy. We need to be focusing on moving towards a clean energy future, with healthy communities and renewable energy jobs – but today’s new rule does the opposite.