SACE Social Media Community Guidelines

Ashleigh Sherman | January 1, 2024

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes responsible and equitable energy choices to ensure clean, safe, and healthy communities throughout the Southeast, both in-person and online. Though we welcome and encourage constructive comments and thoughtful discussions on our social media channels, we also believe in maintaining a community of respect and credibility. SACE therefore reserves the right to remove any comments or block any users who violate our following social media community guidelines. Thank you for helping us maintain a healthy and informative online space!

Be Respectful

  • We expect all comments to remain civil. We do not allow graphic, obscene, profane, or explicit language in our comments or tags.
  • We expect all comments to remain respectful. We do not allow personal attacks, offensive statements, hate speech, racial epithets, derogatory or abusive language, or threatening or harassing language in our comments or tags.
  • We do not allow “spamming,” or posting the same language or making the same point over and over. If this occurs, your first comment will remain but all duplicate comments will be removed.

Stay On Topic

  • To ensure thoughtful discussions, please ensure your comment is relevant to the topic of the original post or link. Any off-topic comments will be removed.
  • Additionally, we ask that commenters look past the headline and read any linked article or blog before commenting. Comments that make it clear you didn’t read the article will be removed.
  • To ensure constructive comments, please ensure your comment does not promote or endorse a service or product. Any promotional comments will be removed.

Preventing False Information

  • We expect and welcome healthy dialogues and curiosity about energy production and use and do not discriminate against views or opinions. However, we do not allow misinformation, disinformation, impersonation, slander, or defamation in our comments or tags.
  • We define misinformation as false or inaccurate information and disinformation as deliberately spreading misinformation, including myths, hoaxes, or propaganda. 
  • Comments that attempt to spread debunked myths about climate change (including climate change denial), fossil fuels, clean energy, electric vehicles, and other relevant topics will be removed.

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