“Solar in the Southeast” Fifth Annual Report

Kate Tracy | July 18, 2022 | Reports and Fact Sheets

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“Solar in the Southeast” highlights solar data and trends throughout the region, including Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Using a “watts per customer” (W/C) metric to compare and contrast states and utilities across the region, SACE once again offers a unique analysis with detailed information on regional, state, and utility levels. The watts per customer metric provides an unbiased standard to distinguish industry leaders and laggards in a fair manner.

Highlights in this year’s fifth annual “Solar in the Southeast” report include:

  • Which utilities joined our SunRisers list and which re-joined the SunBlockers
  • States that have surpassed and will surpass North Carolina’s former solar lead
  • Policies behind solar progress
  • How the pandemic affected solar growth
  • Impacts to the forecast from the present supply chain disruption

On Tuesday, July 19 SACE hosted a webinar with Bryan Jacob, report author and SACE Solar Program Director, Maggie Shober, SACE’s Research Director, and Dr. Stephen A. Smith, SACE’s Executive Director.

With so much at stake, what is the region to do? Although SACE primarily intervenes in state-level utility regulation and contends that utility resource planning is one of the best opportunities to put decarbonization goals into practice, we can still see that action is not happening fast enough. Engaging on multiple levels, including federally is necessary for concerned citizens.

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Solar in the Southeast Fifth Annual Report July 2022