Southeast Coal Ash Website Tour

Rachel Grillo | May 14, 2014 | Webinars

Coal ash, the toxic waste left behind when coal is burned for electricity, threatens clean air, water, and communities nationwide, thanks to woefully inadequate regulations and outdated disposal practices.

The Southeast is home to 450 coal ash impoundments containing enough of the waste to cover 275,000 football fields one foot deep. Yet the public is largely unaware of the nation’s second largest industrial waste stream and its associated daily risks except when disasters like the Dan River or Kingston ash impoundments fail and devastate waterways.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and our partners developed the first comprehensive coal ash website,, to bring attention to the magnitude of coal ash issues in the Southeast. The website features an interactive map with unique displays of comprehensive information on each of the region’s coal ash dumpsites. The website is a clearinghouse for the latest news, information and regulatory developments related to this toxic waste. We also feature direct action capabilities to connect concerned citizens with the timeliest way to let their voices be heard to decision-makers. On this webinar we will tour the website and the many features that make it an invaluable resource to the public and our partners.