Southeast Energy Efficiency Report Released

Guest Blog | May 26, 2009 | Press Releases

Knoxville, Tenn. (May 27) – Energy efficiency programs in leading states throughout the U.S. are saving as much as 100 times more energy than most states in the Southeast, according to a new report released today by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. Analyzing nationwide data for 2007 that was recently made available, the study – Energy Efficiency Program Impacts and Policies in the Southeast(pdf) – determined that energy efficiency programs have minimal impact in Southeast states, with the exception of Florida, which has a mid-range impact.

“The Southeast drastically lags the nation in energy efficiency program impacts,” said John D. Wilson, director of research for SACE. “The fundamental reason is the lack of an energy policy that puts a priority on saving energy. Many aspects of energy policy in the Southeast continue to encourage energy waste.”

Although none of the largest utilities in the Southeast are among the leaders in saving energy, the report does celebrate some smaller utilities that have achieved national leadership: Gainesville Regional Utilities and Reedy Creek Improvement District, the utility that serves Walt Disney World.

It also debunks myths about the Southeast’s inability to achieve energy efficiency (, and shows why energy efficiency is the preferred energy resource solution to respond to current energy issues. Drawing from a recent national report, the report indicates that an energy efficiency standard of 15% energy savings by 2020 could create 56,350 more jobs in eight Southeastern states and save $38 billion in energy costs.

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