Stakes High for the Southeast

Guest Blog | December 7, 2009 | Press Releases

Knoxville, Tn. – An executive team from the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy will head to Copenhagen at the end of this week to participate in the UN Climate Change talks from a uniquely Southeastern US energy and regional adaptation perspective. World leaders and representatives from nearly 200 nations will gather with technical experts, business leaders, advocates and concerned citizens in Copenhagen, Denmark for the United Nations’ 15th annual Conference of the Parties where the primary focus will be to seek agreement on a new global climate treaty.

The urgency of addressing climate change and its impacts has never been greater: new research indicates the Southeast is particularly vulnerable as sea-level rise projections have increased from 7-23 inches in 2007 to 1 to 4 feet in 2009. Adaptation to climate change is expected to be one of the big themes at the conference, along with discussions of the projected costs.

President Obama announced he will attend the talks, raising the prospects that a framework deal to address climate change will be crafted. The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) will also be among the attendees in Copenhagen to demonstrate to Congressional and world leaders that businesses and citizens from the Southeast want a clean energy future and expect bold climate action.

Stephen A. Smith, SACE’s Executive Director, and Jennifer Rennicks, SACE’s Federal Policy Director, will be in attendance from December 12-18th, and will report from Copenhagen to its members and the news.

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