“Tracking Decarbonization in the Southeast” Fourth Annual Report

Kate Tracy | June 22, 2022 | Reports and Fact Sheets

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Our fourth-annual “Tracking Decarbonization in the Southeast” report examines power sector generation and emissions throughout the Southeast, which is home to some of the biggest utility systems in the nation including, Duke Energy, Southern Company, NextEra Energy, and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Many of these Southeastern utilities have been in the national spotlight for their professed commitment to decarbonization, but there are often inconsistencies between stated goals and resource plans.

Yet, the role that electric utilities play in addressing the climate crisis has only grown more important since the electrification of vehicles, home appliances, and more relies on utility-generated power. As climate science shows we need to achieve net-zero global greenhouse gas emissions between 2040 and 2055 at the latest to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

SACE’s fourth annual “Tracking Decarbonization in the Southeast“ report highlights obstacles to getting utilities on track, including:

•    Increasing reliance on fossil gas,
•    Underutilizing energy efficiency, and
•    Placing limitations on popular technologies such as rooftop solar.

Tracking Decarbonization in the Southeast Fourth Annual Report