WEBINAR: Disposable City-Miami’s Future on the Shores of Climate Catastrophe

Amy Rawe | August 14, 2020 | Webinars
On August 13, we talked with Miami resident and journalist Mario Alejandro Ariza, author of the new book discussing climate change in Miami— Disposable City: Miami’s Future on the Shores of Climate Catastrophe. The book has been described as a thoughtful portrait of both a vibrant city with a unique culture and the social, economic, and psychic costs of climate change that call us to act before it’s too late. It portrays what climate change looks like on the ground in Miami today, what it might look like in 100 years with flood damage, rising housing costs, dangerously higher temperatures, and stronger hurricanes, and how race and wealth may dictate who stays above water and who gets left behind.

Joining in on this important conversation with Mario Alejandro Ariza was François Alexandre from Koncious Kontractors and the Miami Climate Alliance, and Susan Glickman, Florida Director of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.