Webinar: Finding Hope and Taking Action as the Clean Energy Generation

Kate Tracy | June 29, 2023 | Webinars

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is inviting people all around the Southeast to join the Clean Energy Generation. We’re gaining momentum as a movement that is rising to one of the greatest challenges of our time: the climate crisis. We’re pushing for new policies and practices and taking action, no matter how small — because it takes small ripples from people at all levels of engagement to create a tsunami of change. On our movement introduction webinar on June 29, 2023, SACE staff, including Executive Director, Dr. Stephen A. Smith, Climate Advocacy Director Chris Carnevale, and Climate Advocacy Coordinator Cary Ritzler, discussed what the “Clean Energy Generation” is and how you can play a role, no matter your age, abilities, income, or zip code.

Inspiring volunteers also joined us to share how they first became involved in climate and clean energy actions, and how “baby steps” opened new pathways of connection and climate action. We also discussed how small groups of neighbors, students, and friends join together to accomplish specific climate-actions goals and answered audience questions.

The Clean Energy Generation is motivated by what our daily lives, communities, country, and planet will look like when clean energy replaces decades of dirty pollution from fossil fuels. We are working together for communities powered by clean energy with good jobs, clean air and water, clean transportation, a stable climate, and affordable bills, where all of us can thrive.

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