Webinar: Watch “Building Our Equitable E-mobility Future”

SACE and Drawdown Georgia co-hosted a webinar with partners EVNoire and Georgia Clean Cities to share the vision of "Electric Black Futures"

May 16, 2024
Contact: Amy Rawe, SACE, 865-235-1448, [email protected]

What does the rapidly changing landscape around electric mobility (e-mobility) look like, and how can we ensure that electrifying transportation lifts up all of us, including historically underserved communities?

Over the next three years, partner organizations EVNoire, Georgia Clean Cities, and SACE will collaborate with a host of local partners committed to invigorating e-mobility leadership and job opportunities in Black communities in Atlanta, Savannah, and Albany, Georgia. By centering communities’ knowledge, vision, culture, and imagination, this project aims to put more Black hands at the helm of driving the direction and crafting the electric future.

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Watch the webinar below, “Building Our Equitable E-mobility Future,” which was co-hosted by SACE and Drawdown Georgia on May 16, 2024, to learn about the vision of “Electric Black Futures.”

Watch the Webinar: Building Our Equitable E-mobility Future