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No matter where we come from or what we look like, as Southerners, we all work hard for our families and deserve a healthy environment with clean air and water, affordable, clean energy, and good jobs for a prosperous future.

We’re bringing together communities across the Southeast to promote good energy and transportation policy that advances environmental, racial, and economic justice at every level of our government: federal, state, and local. Just like movements before us expanded access to electricity, advanced civil rights, and won protections to clean up our air and water, we can come together again to be the generation to make our democracy deliver for us and secure a stable climate and prosperous future with a clean energy transformation that benefits us all.

How We Get There

Millions of Southerners want cleaner and more affordable energy to help lower their utility bills and solve the climate crisis. But the only way we achieve these things is if we ensure that decision-makers at every level of government can’t ignore us. Dirty energy corporations pour lots of money and campaign contributions to influence the political process. But while they have money, we have people power.

We will win out over the toxic influence of the fossil fuel industry when thousands of us are speaking up and demanding change.