Reed Winckler

Communications Coordinator

Reed joined the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in 2023 as Communications Coordinator and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her focus is writing and creating content for SACE emails, newsletters, press releases, and blogs, in addition to editing website content and assisting with graphics. She is excited to relay SACE’s mission to members, media, policymakers, and stakeholders alike. 

While obtaining her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Georgia, Reed focused on creating “solutions-oriented” environmental print and broadcast media, co-led a local environmental advocacy organization, and took part in local solid waste initiatives before turning her focus to clean energy at SACE after graduation. 

Outside of SACE, Reed enjoys writing music and discovering new parks around the city. 

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Attacks on solar abound during 2024 state legislative session

ATLANTA – The Georgia state legislature has closed the books on its 2023-24 session with little change to state policies regarding solar energy. Lawmakers denied multiple anti-solar bills but also failed to pass…


Commission approves Santee Cooper’s long-term plan to build large gas plant with Dominion Energy on the Edisto River

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Yesterday, the South Carolina Public Service Commission unanimously approved Santee Cooper’s long term power plan (Integrated Resource Plan, or “IRP”), greenlighting a new gas-fired power plant that would be…


New Soot Pollution Standards Are a Positive Step Toward Protecting Our Communities

Today, the Biden administration published final rules that lower the limit of soot pollution allowed in the air. Soot, also known as fine particulate matter or PM2.5, is a harmful air pollutant…