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Guest Blog | October 17, 2011 | Energy Efficiency

This guest post was authored by Danielle Matheson, Campus Program Communications Intern
for the Southern Energy Network (SEN).

Energy Awareness Month is happening now and for the rest of October! There are so many different ways to take action 2011 Energy Awareness Postereither on a college campus, through an organization or taking steps your self to conserve and use clean energy. Energy Awareness Month was declared in 1991 to promote understanding of our energy needs and to reduce consumption. Organizations and schools are taking the initiative to make our society aware through different activities. One such activity is 100 Actions for 100% Clean Energy. All over the country actions are being taken in October to show university administrators and local officials the need and desire for a 100% Clean Energy future. You can take action by participating in events in your local area or making one happen. Check out what other groups are doing to help and look at different fun ideas that you could do to finish up the month!

At the University of Tennessee (UT) students are working hard to reduce their energy consumption in the POWER Challenge. The residence halls are competing against each other to have the best reduction in waste, energy and best promotion of being sustainable. The Make Orange Green office of sustainability on the campus has other events that are happening in conjunction with the halls to connect with all students who come to campus. They provided some fun activities like free bike tune-ups or free reusable mugs.

Not only is UT taking strides, but Mississippi State University students have voted in overwhelming support for a green fund for the school! This initiative, along with a similar upcoming vote at Ole Miss, has led to the first achievement of its kind in Mississippi. These green funds, when implemented, will increase clean energy on campuses and reduce energy use through efficiency and awareness. Not only has Mississippi State achieved the amazing support of the students for the green fund, but through their Energy Warz they averted $18,514 on energy costs for the month of September! Check it out here to see how well they are doing for the next two months.

Energy Awareness Month is here to involve more people in the process to gain clean energy by spreading information and how easy it is to help. The different activities of the college campuses are amazing efforts that are part of the national unified voice of young people calling for a 100% Clean Energy future.

You can join and learn from other young people taking action by coming to Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference November 4th through 6th at the University of North Carolina! There’s no better way to wrap up this awareness month than with a weekend of fun learning about successful clean energy campaigns and how to implement one your self!

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